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2022-001PW - Micro-Surfacing

Tupelo, MS (T-NR-E)


Accepting Bids

Prebid Date2/2/22 10:00am

Bid Date2/9/22 10:00am

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City of Tupelo

Traci Dillard  

NOTICE is hereby given that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Tupelo, Mississippi will receive
written sealed bids until the hour of 10:00 o’clock A.M. local time on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at
the Purchasing Office, City Hall 1st Floor, 71 East Troy Street, Tupelo, Mississippi, 38804 for the furnishing of all labor and materials and for the construction of the certain Project designated as the “2022 CITY STREETS MICRO-SURFACING”, Bid No. 2022-001PW, with Contract Documents and Specifications being on file at the office of the City Clerk at City Hall in Tupelo, Mississippi. Electronic bids will be received until the specified date and time via online submission through www.tupelomsbids.com.

Bids are related to the construction of proposed roadway surfacing improvements to include the placement of a micro-surfacing treatment on multiple roadways within the City of Tupelo as defined in the Contract Documents. Materials and related work, including furnishing all surface treatment materials, roadway surface
preparation and placement of the micro-surfacing application, shall be provided by the contractor as specified by the Contract Documents and Technical Specifications for the purpose of providing a finished roadway surface atop existing asphalt pavement. The Project shall make provisions for all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals required to provide the improvements as defined in the Proposal document and as represented
in the General Conditions of Work and Technical Specifications as set forth in the Contract Documents. All proposed improvements are/shall be located within existing property / rights-of-way owned and maintained by the City of Tupelo.

Attendance is recommended by a representative of each prospective bidder to a Pre-Bid Meeting to be held at 10:00 am local time on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at Tupelo Public Works Department, 604 Crossover Rd., Tupelo, MS 38801.
The total Contract Time shall not exceed 30 consecutive calendar days. Contract Documents, including Drawings and Specifications, may be purchased online in hard copy or electronic format at www.tupelomsbids.com. Any questions regarding purchase of bid documents from this
website should be directed to Plan House at 662-407-0193.

Should a bidder choose to submit a bid electronically in place of a sealed bid, it may be submitted at
www.tupelomsbids.com. Any questions regarding electronic bidding should be directed to Plan House at 662-407-0193. Award will be made to the lowest and best bidder and the Mayor and City Council reserve the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any and all informalities.

BY: s/b Traci Dillard
TRACI DILLARD, City Purchasing Clerk